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A Hello to You and an Intro to Me!

I am so excited to be writing my very first blog post!

I want to give you a warm welcome for joining me on my website and checking out my blogs! When planning my business and my website, one of the aspects that I wanted to include was a way for people to connect with me, learn about what I do, and ultimately dive deeper into what kind of healing you may be missing in your life. I am here to create a safe space for just that. The way I approach all of my sessions is with a truly integrative approach!

My name is Destinie and I have had an interest in personal development and health for some time now. My journey first started a year or so after graduating high school. My year-round sporting activities stopped; meanwhile, I did not understand the importance of balanced eating and exercise. My health began to decline, so I soon decided to make changes in my life. I started working out and adding more nutritious foods into my diet. These changes began to make a big difference in my appearance, but I was still missing a part of my wellness journey that I did not even know. I was soon introduced to Tony Robbins and attended his Unleash the Power Within event where I fell in love with personal development. The overall feeling of love and gratefulness that flooded my body was unlike any other time in my life. I knew that the world of personal development is where I wanted to spend a lot of my time. I became a nutrition coach for a nearby weight loss company. I loved that I was helping people achieve their desires physically, but I felt like there were still aspects that were missing.

I later earned a degree with a Major in Health, Fitness, and Wellness. I believed with this degree that I was getting a step closer to my dream job, although I was not working in the realm of health at the time. About a year after my degree, I was 13 weeks pregnant when my husband and I attended a personal development event, Resonance. The event introduced me to who I wanted to be during the best hypnotic meditations I have experienced up until this point. My future self was a business woman that worked for herself. She stood tall and loved the work she did, all while emanating love. At the event I learned how to do reiki on myself and knew that I wanted to learn and do reiki on other people to assist in their healing. A month after the Resonance event I was in class to get my first certification for my business that I am offering to you. I have a bachelor’s degree, am certified in Khundalini Reiki, Usui Reiki, Hypnosis, SOMA Energetics Tuning Forks, and Integrative Life Coaching.

One of the surprising things my college degree led me to fall in love with is writing. There is something freeing, creative, and inspiring to me when I have the ability to sit, write, and be with my thoughts. I look forward to being able to share my knowledge with you! If you are at all interested in a session with me, want clarification on any service I offer, and/or want to learn any of these modalities for yourself, please feel welcome to reach out to me!

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