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Come back
to yourself

Find an array of options to support your wellbeing.


Rise into your wellbeing.

This 60 minute in-person session provides you with a boost so you can rise above what you're currently navigating - body pains or aches, sickness, nutrition, fitness, sleep, digestion - and find your ease once again.

All sessions will include support through hypnosis and inclusive language, along with your choice of one the following modalities: 

  • Reiki - ancient healing technique used to move energy and restore balance.

  • Tuning forks - using frequencies to support your vibrational resonance.

  • Coaching - using an integrative approach to support you in getting un-stuck.


Release what you've been holding - find your bliss.

This 3 session offering allows you the opportunity to work on a deeper level allowing you to create a space where your body can relax on a physical, mental, and emotional level.

An example of the experience you can expect to receive:

  • Session 1: We identify the area in which you are experiencing a blockage. We use a self-hypnosis technique to supercharge the change you want to make and set SMART goals.

  • Session 2: We use a mix of modalities to bring the body back to balance energetically. This will allow your body and mind to have the focus to do the work to make the mental changes you desire.

  • Session 3: We support you in finding closure and creating a path forward by setting a plan to go forward and using hypnosis to instill the work we have done together to continue to create lasting change.


Break limiting thought patterns - create your freedom.

Together we will use an array of modalities and techniques to support you to become the person that you know you can and want to be.

We will break limiting thought patterns and form new inspiring ways of being. This package requires commitment from the both of us as it is an investment in yourself to change your current narrative of life and make the feeling, experience, and color of living more vibrant.

You can expect to move through the following aspects of transformation:

  • Identify

    • I'll work with you to clearly identify your goal/purpose for change including any limiting habits, beliefs, and energy.

  • Explore

    • We’ll explore what has been stagnant and holding you back as well as what your ideal way of living looks like.

    • This package includes 6 sessions where we will work diligently to ensure that your narrative of life has transformed into what you were always meant to live.

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