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"Health and wellness have always been a calling in my life."

I'm passionate about helping people, like you, see their true and pure potential of being on this earth.  


There are many people that live not feeling great about an aspect of their life, and that is where the knowledge I have acquired and continue to expand upon comes into play. 


My name is Destinie Patton and I am humbled to have you here on my page and learning a little bit about me.  I'm a veteran of the United States Air Force and while in the military, I attended Tiffin University and graduated with a Bachelor’s of the Arts with a major in Health, Fitness, and Wellness. 

When I was 12 weeks pregnant with my daughter, I attended a personal development event with my husband.  While at the seminar we

set intentions and goals we wanted to reach - I knew life coaching for health and wellness was the route that I wanted to fully embrace. I was committed to creating a balance for what mattered to me in my life, and creating a space for my clients to find the same.

My mix of modalities and knowledge is a powerful approach to dealing with limiting thinking patterns, creating lasting and meaningful change in your life. I bring together my formal education and personal experience to create a safe space for you to thrive. Whether you're looking for a single session to rise above something specific or are committing to breaking through and changing your current narrative of life, positive loving shifts will happen within your world that will supercharge your passion for the life you live.  


Together, with an integrative approach, we will break through your limiting beliefs.

Born and raised in Northwest Ohio, with a second home in Arizona, Destinie has dedicated her early adult life to diving deep and learning about how to help one optimize their overall health. As a graduate from Tiffin University with a Health, Fitness, and Wellness Major, she continues her knowledge in the field of holistic health.


Destinie has obtained her certifications as a Khundalini Reiki Master Teacher, Usui Reiki Master Teacher, SOMA Tuning Fork Practitioner, Hypnosis Instructor, and is an Integrative Coach.

An integrative approach to all of her client’s is key to improve the overall being and wellness. Focusing on the enhancement of one’s physical-structural, mental-emotional, and spiritual beliefs.

Education & training

  • Fitness and Wellness - Bachelor’s of the Arts from Tiffin University

    • ​During my degree, I learned various aspects of health when it comes to the human body. I studied nutrition, sleep, physical fitness, mental well-being, social health, environmental health, spiritual connection, and intellectual wellness.

  • Public Health Technician - United States Air Force

    • ​I learned a vast array of information on how to keep people safe and healthy by minimizing health risks within the community. I learned how to better educate individuals on topics from safety procedures and food inspections to investigating hazardous materials and sanitary standards.

  • Certified Khundalini Reiki Master Teacher

  • Certified Usui Reiki Royho Master

  • Certified SOMA Energetics Tuning Fork Practitioner

  • Certified Hypnotist

  • Certified Integrative Life Coach

You deserve the life you want.
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