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A Little About Usui (Shiki Ryoho) Reiki and Sessions with Me!

Usui (ooh-SOO-ee) Shiki (shuh-kee) Ryoho (row-ho) Reiki is a form of energetic healing. Usui was discovered over 100 years ago by Master Mikao Usui while he was on a spiritual journey in search for a way of healing that is able to be practiced on anyone and everyone. Because Usui can be practiced on anyone, there is no specific religious or spiritual belief that is associated with it. When I personally practice Reiki on myself, my family members, friends, and clients, I always work with pure white light that is loving and healing.

During an Usui Reiki healing session I will be addressing the whole person in regards to their physical/structural, mental/emotional, and spiritual energy fields. Because I am also trained as an integrative life coach, I start an Usui Reiki session with us having a short conversation about why you are seeking out this healing modality. I will sometimes mix another form of Reiki that I know into my sessions depending on what is going on in your world. This other form of reiki is Khundalini and through this modality,

I am able to bring your specific intention to heal personal qualities, relationships, and situations going on in your world that you would like some extra attention to. We will then begin the session with you comfortably laying down on your back and then without touching you, I will scan my hands over your body from your feet to the top of your head. While doing this I am energetically reading you and noticing anything that comes up for me. I take notes and follow my intuition to then deliver the best possible healing that your body needs. After the scan, I take what I have noticed and bring energy to those parts of your body, balance or clear your chakras (main energy channels of your being), and ultimately restoring balance within you.

Destinie reading her reiki books in a cafe and smiling

People that I have worked on have given me lots of positive feedback about their experience. Whether it’s a sense of calm in a body that is used to feeling a lot of anxiety and tightness or a release of trapped trauma that can now flow through and out of the body. The many different experiences that can be experienced have no limit and are unique to everyone. The session averages about an hour from the time you arrive, we talk, and we complete the reiki session.

I believe the mixture of Khundalini and Usui Reiki is a very powerful mix of energy healing. Khundalini pulls energy from the lowest chakra to the highest and Usui pulls energy from the highest chakra down to the hands. The balance this brings helps to ground my clients to the physical world we live in while also supporting a transformation to move forward mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to deeper connect with oneself.

The healing from a Usui Reiki session is ultimately you showing up for yourself to protect your energy. The people we surround ourselves with and spend time with also have an influence on our energy and without realizing, we can absorb other’s energy. Through consistent energy work, we can release any unwanted energy that does not belong to us and live within our truth of how we want to feel. This can encourage us to have a clearer understanding of ourselves because after a reiki session you are able to feel like your true and potential self.

It is important for the reiki practitioner (me) to also be very aware of my emotions, energy, and the overall intention I bring into a reiki session as well. I take time to ensure I am doing reiki on myself daily. When I come into any session with my clients, I come in with a completely open mind and with an understanding of how my beliefs, emotions, words, and behaviors can affect my energetic state. After the conversation portion of the session and before I begin reiki, I ground myself, reenergize my chakras, and essentially “wipe off” any energy that would not serve me and my client during the session. I believe this step in a session is key in order to deliver the most pure healing possible.

To me, Usui Reiki is a powerful way to bring one’s body back to homeostasis. The balance and peace that Usui can bring gives us a space to heal from the negativity that one is seeking energy work to heal. If you have ever had a reiki session either with me or someone else, please leave a comment below with your experience!

If you are interested in learning how to balance and clear your chakras, in the future I will be providing a Reiki Level 1 course! Stay tuned!!

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