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Join me at Caya Yoga Studio for an incrediblely healing experience!

Feb 15 5-7pm


Manifestation Hypnosis & goal setting

In this group class, you will experience a hypnosis created specifically for you and your class.  Bring a notebook to write down your thoughts before and after your hypnosis so later you can go back and see what brings you passion so you can manifest and have the clarity to reach all your goals.  Destinie will also teach you how to make SMART goals so you can start to take action right away to slowly transform your life into the one that you desire. Leave with clarity and confidence in the next steps you are going to take for a life that is meant to be yours!

feb 18 1-3pm

feel the love

In this group class, Destinie will lead you through a hypnosis that will have you feeling so much love for yourself. As a special bonus, Destinie will also teach the class self-hypnosis. This powerful tool to take control of your thoughts is one you can use to reinforce self-love and begin to transform the way you view and think about all aspects of your life! Come with something to write with and write on so you can take all the notes possible! Reserve your spot today and already begin to feel the love!

Heart Shape Soap Bubbles


integrative sound healing

This is one of Destinie’s favorite classes to hold.  In this immersive experience, you will learn a little bit about frequencies and how they are a powerful tool to heal the body. You will also experience a sound healing session that will assist your body in coming back to homeostasis while also being led through hypnosis to amplify healing, relaxation, and energy balance.


see what's to come next!

Excited to share my upcoming class with you!

Image by Sarah Brown
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